Rank Tracker | Nov 9th 2012

Rank Tracker Report – Nov. 9th, 2012

I have done nothing with this site since the initial setup of Rank Tracker.

There are many different ways to view data in Rank Tracker and I’ve chosen the table views for the sake of simplicity. You can immediately see in the tables where you are. You can also see where you are gaining and dropping.

On the 9th I ran the software and here are the results.

rank tracker report - Nov 9 2012

As you can see above, I am now showing up in Google as well as Bing and Yahoo for some keywords. Remember, I have not done anything to the site.

However, the content is being evaluated as queries are made in these search engines. Nice!

Keyword Performance

So what are the differences from Nov. 3rd t0 Nov. 9th. Here they are:

Search engine visibility Nov. 89th, 2012

But what does it all mean? Is this information telling me anything I don’t already know? What can I do based on the ranking data?

At this point in the sites life there is no organic traffic. Normally I would look to see where these queries sent the searcher on the site. Because there is zero data available, any explanation would be a guess.

But all is not lost…

Take a look at the keyword phrase “best seo software for mac”, which is an exact match url. It entered google on page 8. Maybe it’s alright, but when “best mac seo software” and “best seo software mac” have entered on page 5, it shows I need to look at the usage of the term.

Search Visibility

The main question I ask when running Rank Tracker is if the site is improving. Am I getting ranked higher? Here’s the scoop:

keyword visibility in search engines for Nov 9th 2012

The visibility data above is a great snapshot of where the site was November 9th, 2012.

You can see immediately there is more of a decrease than increase but there are indications that extremely important search terms are headed in the right direction.

If you are curious over which of these 13 keyword phrases is most important, you can always see how they stack up in the google free keyword tool.

November 9th, 2012 Rank Tracking Report Conclusions

Overall, this rank report is telling me the setup and content of this site needs work!

I’m not unhappy – I already know it.

The interesting thing is, www.bestseosoftwareformac.com will always need new content.

Insuring the content is useful to mac users and users of mac seo software is my goal. In order to reach these goals, I analyze Rank Tracker data.

The performance of keywords in the search engines will show me how to improve the site.

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